Pickens Power Washing

Say Goodbye To Unwanted Stains In Wake Forest

Frustrated with all the different stains you keep seeing around your property? If so, you’re not alone. Countless homeowners struggle with keeping up with all the different exterior cleaning chores their home needs because let’s be honest- there’s a lot to keep track of! Without regular exterior cleaning, however, stains set in, and your property can even fall into disrepair.

When you’ve got ugly, stubborn stains that just won’t quit, Pickens Power Washing can help. Our experienced exterior cleaning crew. Our savvy cleaning crew utilizes fast-working techniques that eliminate grime and send stains packing, from your gutters to your sidings to your driveway and more!

If your property needs a cosmetic boost, Pickens Power Washing can help. For driveway washing, house washing, and other exterior stain-removal services, call and request your free quote from us at 919-412-0555.

What Stains We Can Clean Up

When it comes to keeping your property fresh and clean, you’re not just cleaning one thing or another. Your home is getting hit with mess from all sides! Your car drips greasy fluid on your driveway, algae spots up your sidings, mildew takes over your fence and deck- it’s just relentless!

Fortunately, our crew is capable of taking down stains of all kinds. Our pressure washing techniques, along with the effective cleaners and detergents we use, allow us to make quick work of all kinds of messes. Just a few of the types of stains we can clean up include:

  • Mold/Mildew
  • Algae
  • Grease/Automotive Fluids
  • Gutter Oxidation
  • Rust
  • Clay
  • Dirt
  • Soot/Smog

And that’s only scratching the surface. We can customize our approach to fit every job and clean up every kind of mess we encounter. That’s the beauty of professional pressure washing at work!

The Right Techniques For Every Job

We don’t have a “one size fits all” policy when it comes to work. The way we handle driveway washing jobs isn’t the same way we handle fence cleaning, for example. Some tasks require us to blast away at tough stains with high PSI, while others require us to break down stains more gently with detergents and soft washing techniques instead.

Rest assured, we have the tools and skills in our cleaning arsenal to take on any job that’s thrown at us. No matter if we’re pressure washing pavement or soft washing stucco, we’re just as effective at breaking down stains and restoring your property’s surfaces to their former beauty. We have the right techniques to tackle every job!